Yurbuds Armband Line

Redesigning the armband to enhance the running experience


Challenging perception with new materials and features

The armband, an essential product for many runners, has remained untouched.  As this community is enamored with the latest in wearables and bluetooth headphones, runners are still using armbands that prove to be more troublesome then helpful.  Understanding the running communities perception of durability and quality, along with a deep knowledge of ergonomics and materials, allowed Yurbuds to create a line of products that re-defines running accessories.  


Stitch, Spec, Send, Repeat

Material choices of current armbands posed one of the largest pain points.  While customers perceived neoprene to be a durable material, this created excessive heat against the body, added weight, and trapped moisture and odor.  While in the early stages of form development, I examined lightweight fabric options, reflective materials, and soft good construction processes.  In parallel to material exploration, I created many cut and sew prototypes to aid in ergonomic testing and pattern creation.


Disrupting the armband market with athlete-centric design

The Yurbuds Ergosport Armsleeve and Ergosport Armband stand out in a market crowded by heavier, frustrating competitors. The new Yurbuds armband line provides athletes with a lightweight, reflective, and breathable solution to carrying a smartphone and necessities on a run.  By putting the athlete at the center of the design process, the Yurbuds armband line creates differentiation at retail, and an authentic product experience.


Product + Lifestyle Photography: Tim Schrieber & Troy Brennan.