a pairing of top performers


Reaching fans: old and new

As the JBL brand looks to expand their audience, one of the greatest assets comes from leveraging partnerships; both old and new.  As the official sound of the NBA, JBL has maintained involvement in the National Basketball Association by providing pro audio solutions and licensed products.  Creating a signature product, for one of the hottest players in the NBA, allows JBL to strengthen existing relations while also expanding its reach towards new consumers.


Personality within the product

Matching Steph Curry's personality, on and off the court, is a critical asset in the creation of his signature headphone.  My process began by creating colorways that took inspiration from Curry's style, hobbies, team history, and other signature product.


Building out signature lines

As colorways were further defined by the Harman Marketing team and Steph Curry's brand, CMF options were examined across multiple SKU's.  Fitting to Curry's lifestyle, I envisioned his signature product in a range from sport to lifestyle applications. Examining multiple products also allowed for future bundling opportunities and brand activation amongst various price points.


a winning collaboration

The result is a product unique to Steph Curry, while also offering the JBL brand a point of activation from a new group of users.  Paying homage to the Golden State Warriors and City of San Francisco, 'The Bay' colorway features tones of blue and contrasting yellow; adding definition to the controls and branding.  Proven performance of the JBL MINI BT, is now matched with a player's brand that fans can appreciate.