Leap Wireless

Providing athletes a wireless sport earphone experience


Tangle-Free User Experience

Yurbuds sport earphones provide athletes comfort and performance that last through the entire workout.  With an established brand in the category of sport earphones, Yurbuds looked to expand their reach into the wireless market. Designing a wireless experience could solve the annoyance of tangled wires and devices, while providing athletes the freedom to move.


Housing the Technology

With a unique PCB design, initial iterations focused on creating tactile interactions, while respecting the set internal parameters.  Multiple materials and facets acted as physical drivers during my sketches for early form development.  My orthographic sketches and scaled foam models helped communicate early forms to members of the team when seeking feedback.


Designing a Secure Fit

In parallel, my work also relied heavily in ergonomic testing.  With the success of the Yurbuds Inspire for Women line, a key insight going into testing was that gender-specific ergonomics would be most successful.  These mockups helped me to examine issues such as weight distribution, cord-pull, and secure fit on both men and women.  3d printed prototypes validated my initial surface models and continued to display the interaction between the earphone and user, confirmed usability, and illustrated manufacturability.



Yurbuds Leap Wireless: An active-lifestyle solution to the bluetooth earphone experience.   

Athletic features and gender-specific ergonomics, while housed in a minimized form, allow athletes to focus on their goals and movements; rather than obtrusive, tangled cords.  Bluetooth earphones become an integral part of equipment for athletes looking to use music to push themselves, while experiencing the freedom of movement. Using the Yurbuds Leap provides athletes seamless bluetooth integration to their devices, with sport performance unmatched by wired products.  Designing an athlete-centric bluetooth experience for Yurbuds, places the brand as a leader of a rapidly growing category.


Product Photography: Tim Schrieber & Troy Brennan.