Peaks & Valleys

Translating calculated precision into a figurative form.


Connecting topographical maps to lyrical movement created an interesting experience when designing this table.  Considering the mountains and riverbeds that provided the inspiration for this piece, the resulting design would feature contours above and below the glass surface.


Initially maps were used to help construct an accurate section of topography, but soon many sections began to evolve towards an idealized curvature.  With the use of foam core mock-ups, the topography was translated and milled on the CNC router, displaying the individual tones of each ply.


The rough steps were soon carved through various subtractive methods.  Constructing the piece by hand developed into an interesting relationship between material and tools, as I had to accommodate the working tendencies of plywood.


The deliverable of this table design features a lyrical representation of an idealized topography that interacts with the glass surface above and below the pane.  Every tonal change in ply results in an emotive form that reflects the connection I have personally within nature. Abstracting calculations and designing from experience resulted in an intimate process and artifact.