Rocking Chair

Designing for a traditional experience with new perspectives.


I believe that design is personal.  Constantly drawing from experiences and objects in my life, creating a rocking chair from untraditional materials seemed natural.  Skateboarding has been present in my life since a young age, and transformed the way I view my surroundings and interactions between materials and people.


While designing first within the context of skateboarding, the relevant materials were wood and metal; specifically plywood, aluminum, and steel.  Combining bent plywood construction with existing aluminum trucks and angled steel, the form of the rocking chair mirrored the construction and interaction between materials of a skateboard, while taking cues from traditional bent plywood chairs.


Each experience between user and chair can be customized.  With the assembly of the hanger and kingpin, the trucks providing the rocking mechanism can be tightened or loosened so that the users weight controls the chair’s rocking ability.  Similar to how the act of skateboarding is very personal and creative on an individual level, the design of this chair allows the user to have an experience unique to their posture.